Mementos Ordering Information

Thank you for your interest in Mementos. Let me explain how to utilize this service and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

The process of making Mementos is done with utmost respect. Any information about who we are working with (i.e., name, photo, and perhaps a brief description) is appreciated but not required. The ash is mixed with molten glass, re-dipped in clear glass to completely encase it, and then shaped into the agreed upon art object. The pattern of ash in each Memento is unique.

Only a small portion of ash is required for each Memento. A pill bottle or film can provides enough to make ten or more keepsakes. I would prefer that you sent too much rather than not enough. When shipping ash, a pill bottle or film can inside a sealed plastic bag, placed inside a padded envelope has worked very well for us. The remaining unused ash is returned with your order. If you would prefer, you can send the entire container and I will remove what I need and return the rest resealed.

Mementos are priced at $130 for each sphere or for two touchstones. Touchstones are palm sized and shaped, and they are sturdy enough to be carried in your pocket. Bud vases are available for $140. These have ashes swirled into the base, with clear sides approx. 9" tall. Please contact us about your custom object ideas.

There is a $10 shipping and handling fee for the first Memento, plus $4 for each additional item in a multiple order. Please allow two to four weeks for us to fill your order. Rush orders will be accommodated whenever possible. Please contact me by phone or email if you have any further questions.

Thank you again for your interest, Mark Hallert