For many of us in our sprawling, modern society, a family cemetery that spans generations is no longer a viable option. Everywhere burial space is increasingly expensive and difficult to find. Cremation is often the best option available. Many of us want to do something meaningful with the cremains, but there are drawbacks to spreading the ashes or storing the cremains in an urn. The last physical connection we have with a loved one may be lost, far from home or relegated to storage.

Hence MEMENTOS, an alternative that addresses these issues honorably, lovingly and beautifully. Mementos are objects made with molten glass that contain a bit of cremation ash (cremains) from our client's loved one or pet. We include ceremony in the creative process and honor the life of the person with whom we are working. Mementos can be made in the form of spheres, touchstones, and custom objects.

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Mementos is the original creator of handmade glass cremation ash art objects. We are your source for tasteful and beautiful glass cremation keepsakes for you and your famliy. Compare to cremation urns, burial urns, ashes urns, funeral urns, keepsake urns, various cremation keepsakes, and art urnsó you'll find our authentic Mementos are the most tasteful and appropriate way to memorialize a loved one's ashes in your home. Mementos is a family-owned and operated business since 1997.